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We specialize in insurance for individuals and small businesses, offering coverage from over 20 companies. Use our site to gain a better understanding of insurance, to get to know us better, for quotes, to help pay your bill or to report a claim.

Esposito Insurance Group has been in business since 1979 giving our customers long-term stability and peace of mind. Although we’ve been in business for over 35 years, we continue to evolve and enhance our product line and operations and offer the latest technologies to make working with us simple and efficient. Insurance is not a “one-size-fits-all” product, and we have the knowledge, products and experience to help individuals and businesses no matter what their situation. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with excellent service, professional expertise and value We continually work to be the best at what we do.

Ask us about our Personal Risk Management services. We’ll help make sure that you are making the right choices to protect you and your family when the unexpected happens. We’ll continue to work with you as your needs and life situation changes, and most importantly, we’ll be there to assist and facilitate when you have service questions and claims.

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What We Specialize In

Auto Insurance

Automobile insurance is required by law – if you own a car, you must insure it. As a result, auto insurance is something almost everyone needs. A major problem, though, is that many consumers do not understand how an auto insurance policy works. Learn more about Auto Insurance >.


Home Insurance

For most of us, our home is our biggest investment. The typical home costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and insuring it correctly should be your priority. Esposito Insurance Group specializes in property and home insurance. Learn more about Home Insurance >


Life Insurance

Why do I need life insurance – nothing’s gonna happen to me! You need to act now. You’re probably right, you probably won’t die tomorrow. But what if you’re wrong, what if you do die at an early age? Is your family protected? Learn more about Life Insurance >


Business Insurance

You own a business. You put hundreds of hours every month into making it succeed. You have invested in it, built it, made it an extension of you. Is it insured correctly? Do you understand what’s covered and what’s not? Learn more about Business Insurance >

Personal Risk Management

Many direct insurance companies sell insurance by making it appear to be a commodity no different from purchasing groceries The truth of the matter is that insurance has a number of complexities that don’t become apparent until there is a claim and a customer needs the coverage. Some online auto insurers go out of their way to induce customers to reduce coverage to save a little money – the goal being to improve the company’s bottom line, not to cover a person correctly…Learn More

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