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Auto Insurance FAQs

What is covered by a standard auto insurance policy?

Liability Coverage

This coverage pays the injured party (the other guy), if you get sued, because of injuries you’ve caused in an accident. It also pays for any property you damage in an accident that is your fault (other cars, houses, fences, light poles, etc).


This coverage reimburses you for loss primarily from theft, fire, vandalism, flood, falling objects (tree branches or hail, for example) or if you strike an animal while driving.

Medical Payments

& Personal Injury Protection

This coverage pays for the medical expenses you incur in an auto accident.


This coverage pays for damage to your vehicle when you are in an accident. If you are at fault in the accident, or if your vehicle is damaged by a hit and run driver, your company will pay you, minus your deductible.

Motorist Coverage

Uninsured & Underinsured

Most states require you to carry auto insurance and mandate a required minimum. All states require you to have liability insurance and medical coverage for yourself with optional collision and comprehensive coverage.

Auto Insurance

Is it required?

Most states require you to carry auto insurance and mandate what the minimum coverage is that you must have. All states require you to have liability insurance, medical coverage for yourself, and optionally collision and comprehensive coverage. In NJ, the medical insurance is offered with a full range of options, including the ability to make your health insurance secondary. There are pros and cons to these coverage options, and although many online and direct insurance companies make it easy to reduce coverages to save money, it is often best to speak with a seasoned agent to understand the tradeoffs.

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of drivers under 20 are involved in fatal auto accidents

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