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Home Insurance FAQs

What is covered by a standard home insurance policy?

Home Insurance

States don’t require you to carry home insurance, but most mortgage companies do. Considering the substantial value of most houses, it is often prudent to have home insurance under any circumstance for example, oftentimes, when a mortgage exceeds the reconstruction cost of a home, the mortgage company will ask you to insure for the mortgage amount. However, by NJ state law, so long as you have replacement cost coverage you cannot be compelled to insure for more.

Dwelling Coverage

Dwelling coverage to rebuild your home to what it was before the loss occurred.

Loss Of Use

Coverage for loss of use—this reimburses you for expenses if you can’t live in your house or rent a unit in a multi-family home, after a covered loss occurs.

Other Structures

Coverage for structures in addition to your primary dwelling, such as storage sheds, garages and pools.

Liability Exposures

Liability exposures, protecting you from lawsuits for injuries that occur on your premises. Many companies will extend this protection to off premises, as well.

Personal Property

Liability exposures protect you from lawsuits for injuries that occur on your premises. Many companies extend this protection to off-premises, as well.

Medical Expenses

Coverage in case someone is injured on your property—this does not apply to you or your resident family.

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