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Jewelry Insurance

Jewelry is the easiest thing to lose – next to socks and umbrellas – but it’s also much more expensive. When you lose or damage something you cherish, the last thing you want to think about is how you are going to replace or repair it. No matter what type of jewelry you own, we can guarantee that it is covered, and help make the process easier.

Insuring your jewelry protects against:

Loss/Mysterious Disappearance: Have you ever taken off your rings to wash the dishes and had one fall down the drain? Have you ever lost an earring while taking off your coat or scarf? Arrived home after work and realized a valuable was missing? Jewelry insurance covers that.

Theft: Maybe you left your rings beside a sink in a public bathroom and they were taken. Maybe a burglar broke into your home and took your mother’s pearls or your cherished wedding bands. People find themselves dealing with jewelry theft every day; as a result, it is important to protect your valuables against the malice of others.

Damage: Say you swing your finger into a table and crack your ring, catch a prong on something and bend it or hook the chain of your necklace on something and break the clasp. Accidents happen every day, and jewelry insurance can help cover you.

Did you know that home, condo, and renters insurance policies include only limited coverage for theft of jewelry? Talk to us today about options for properly protecting your jewelry and other valuables – and get a FREE quote!

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