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Electrical Fires and Home Insurance

How can I help prevent electrical fires in my home?

The risk of electrical fire can be minimized by following some simple rules:

–        Extension cords should never be run under carpeting or area rugs.  Foot and chair traffic may damage the insulation on the cord over time, and exposed wire very possibly can cause a fire.

–        Keep clothing, drapes and other combustible material at least 3 feet from space heaters at all times.

–        Never overload an electrical outlet with extension cords or three way adapters.  It is recommended that power strips with fuses be utilized instead.

–        Call an electrician if your lights flicker, you have a circuit breaker that often trips, or you have appliances that run sluggishly.  These could be indications that your electrical system is overloaded.

–         Be aware of other electrical situations that might affect your New Jersey Home Insurance premiums such as knob and tube wiring or aluminum wiring.

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