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8 Tips to Reduce Your Chance of Theft

How can I make myself less likely to be victim of theft?

Here are 8 Tips that may reduce your chance of theft:

1)   Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed to no more than waist high so thieves can’t easily hide.

2)   Hide valuables in uncommon locations, such as the refrigerator or in a ceiling.  Under a bed, in a medicine cabinet, night stand or dresser are particularly vulnerable locations.

3)   When you will be away for an extended period of time, hire a house sitter or join a local neighbor watch.

4)   If possible, pack your car inside your garage so your being away is not common knowledge.

5)   Keep alert for odd activity in your neighborhood. If a car repeatedly stops in front drives around the block or stops in front of a neighborhood home, write down the license plate number.

6)   If you are a witness to a crime, report it.  Thieves often “work a neighborhood.”

7)   Do not leave valuable possessions in your car overnight.

8)  Do not leave valuable items – briefcases, electronics, etc – within easy reach of a door.  Often thieves will kick open a locked door and “grab and go” whatever articles you have close at hand.

Remember – if you want to be serious about reducing your chances of theft or burglary, let common sense prevail and follow the above 8 simple steps.


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