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Power Outages and Insurance

The Power Is Out And I Had To Throw Out The Food In My Refrigerator!

During the recent storms we’ve had, many homeowners have gone without power for extended periods of time.  Many of our customers have lost food stored in their refrigerators or freezers as a result.

The truth about home insurance when it comes to food in your refrigerator or freezer is this:

  1. If the power is out in your area, this is deemed to be a failure of “off-premises power” on your policy.
  2. Home polices limit the amount of coverage for the contents of your refrigerator.  Many policies do not have this coverage, others will pay a maximum of $500 less a $100 deductible.
  3. Many policies designed for higher end homes, such as those from CHUBB and Travelers, will provide $5000 or more this coverage.

As with any coverage, you should speak with your agent to determine how your policy would respond.

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