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#SaveYourSelfie: A Movement to End Distracted Driving

Between 2004 and 2013, the state of New Jersey experienced nearly 1.4 million motor vehicle accidents involving a distracted driver. These accidents resulted in more than 1,600 deaths and thousands more injuries. These staggering statistics encouraged New Jersey lawmakers to take action—as of July 1, 2014 the fines for talking or texting on a cell phone or other wireless communications device were significantly increased.

The Study of New Jersey Distracted Driving

Since 2013, Plymouth Rock Assurance group has conducted annual studies on the accidents, crashes and deaths resulting from distracted driving. On New Jersey Roads, enforcement initiatives have been established to ban:

  • Handheld cellphone use and talking for all drivers
  • Any and all cellphone use for bus drivers
  • Any and all cellphone use for novice drivers
  • Texting for all drivers

The studies conducted by Plymouth Rock annually survey 1,000 licensed New Jersey drivers of all ages in order to gauge awareness and behavior associated with distracted driving due to mobile technology and other common preoccupied activities like:

  • Tuning the radio
  • Changing a CD
  • Interacting with children
  • Personal grooming
  • Smoking
  • Reading driving directions
  • Programming GPSs
  • More

Distracted Driving Study Findings

In 2015, Plymouth Rock Assurance found that many behaviors not typically associated with distracted drivers were the most common. In fact, 82 percent of participants admitted to tuning the radio while driving, 77 percent admitted to reaching around for items in the car and 51 percent said they frequently read driving directions while operating their vehicle.

While the use of mobile devices was mentioned significantly less, one in three participants confess they do send or read text messages and 38 percent affirm they speak on the phone without the use of hands-free technology.

Though the use of cell phones isn’t the most common means of distracted driving, its prevalence has grown nearly 5 percent since 2013. More than 82 percent of those polled by Plymouth Mouth reported that texting while driving was their biggest concern of safety on New Jersey roads. Making and receiving calls without using hands-free technology and drunken driving are also great concerns for New Jersey drivers.

Changing the Trend

In an effort to raise awareness of this deadly habit, Plymouth RockAssurance group is encouraging everyone to take a pledge for safe driving. As the Guinness World Record title-holder for the most pledges to a safety campaign, the Plymouth Rock Assurance Distracted Driving Pledge has over 32,000 people who have vowed to stay focused on the road 100% of the time they are behind the wheel. This includes:

  • Not texting while driving
  • Not talking without a hands-free device
  • Not drunk driving
  • Not engaging in any other activity that may result in distracted driving

By signing this pledge, you can join the nationwide fight to make our roads a safer place for everyone.

Win $100 with #SaveYourSelfie

Though the increase of fines has helped to lower the number of accidents involving driver inattention, and while many are pledging to stay safe on the road, Plymouth Rock Assurance is taking these efforts even further to reduce the amount of distracted drivers entirely. The #SaveYourSelfie campaign rewards safe drivers who park their car in a safe location before using their mobile device.

Every month, Plymouth Rock will give away $100 to one winning driver who takes a selfie next to their safely parked car and tagging it with #SaveYourSelfie on Twitter or Instagram. You will not win by taking a selfie:

  • At the shoulder of roads
  • On highway on- and off-ramps
  • In traffic
  • At traffic signals or stop signs

Doing Our Part So You Can Do Yours

At Esposito Insurance Group, we are proud to represent great companies like Plymouth Rock who are doing their best to make the roads a safe place. Come to Esposito and talk with one of our licensed agents to do your part in fighting distracted driving. We can help you take advantage of great benefits like the Get Home Safe program and much more.

Contact Esposito Insurance Group today for a free quote and for more information on ways to stay safe on the road. Together, we can do something about this dangerous habit of distracted driving.

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