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Sinkholes and New Jersey Home Insurance

Q: Does my home insurance cover me from damage caused by sinkholes?

A: Sinkholes have been in the news recently as a home in Florida was swallowed up on Tuesday, killing the occupant in the process.  New Jersey home insurance generally does not cover sinkholes by default, they are excluded, even on very high-end policies.   This coverage can be added to your homeowner’s policy as an optional add-on.

Areas that can be prone to sinkholes usually are in areas with very sandy soil, mines, or limestone formations below the surface, although we have seen them occur in both Passaic and Hudson counties in NJ.

Sinkholes are not a particularly common occurrence, but as the article below discusses, they can cause considerable damage.

Florida Sinkhole Incident

If you are concerned about the hazard caused by sinkhole damage and want to make sure you are protected, we recommend contacting your agent or Esposito Insurance Group at 973-284-1083.

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