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The Truth About Flooding: FEMA Flood Insurance Preferred Pricing (as of November 2011)

In the past few years, New Jersey has been affected by an increasing number of large storms.  We’ve seen many customers suffer damage to their homes caused by outright flooding.  As such, we are now suggesting that all homeowners in NJ carry flood insurance or increase their sump overflow coverage, particularly if they have a finished basement.

Home insurance policies generally do not cover flood damage, and sump or sewer backup coverage is limited.

This post will focus on flood insurance pricing in preferred zones (those designated by FEMA as B, C or X):


Flood Pricing Table – FEMA policies

Dwelling                       Contents                                   Premium

$20,000                        $8,000                                      $154

$30,000                        $12,000                                    $185

$50,000                        $20,000                                    $236

$75,000                        $30,000                                    $277

$100,000                      $40,000                                    $304

$125,000                      $50,000                                    $324

$150,000                      $60,000                                    $343

$200,000                      $80,000                                    $378

$250,000                      $100,000                                  $405


DEDUCTIBLE: $1,000 for each – dwelling and contents.

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