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Why Personal Injury Coverage is Essential In the Facebook Age

The recent decision finding Dharun Ravi guilty for invasion of privacy in the Tyler Clementi case underscores the importance of parents having personal injury coverage added to the liability in their home insurance.

Personal Injury covers you from invasion of privacy, wrongful eviction, slander, libel and defamation of character. Home insurance does not generally coverage for these perils by default, but instead requires an addition to the liability coverage you have to activate this.  Parents need to be especially concerned about their children’s actions utilizing the internet – Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and numerous other sites  provide an easy channel for children to behave inappropriately without their parent’s knowledge and to get their parents drawn into a lawsuit.

We have not seen many of these civil lawsuits in the last ten years.  With the Ravi verdict and the proliferation of Facebook and Twitter, we expect to see many more of them.  Typically they involve large sums of money, and the legal expenses required for defense can easily run into the six figures.

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